Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Learn genuine Wing Chun Kung Fu as passed down by legendary Grandmaster Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher) to our Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong during the 1950’s.

Why do Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a true art form and an important life skill. It is the only martial art developed by a woman and therefore it doesn't rely on brute strength whatsoever. It is easy to learn and suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Its combat applications are only one branch of a big tree of benefits. Anyone can learn Wing Chun and enjoy improved posture, de-compression of joints, relaxation, enhanced focus, standing meditation and of course the self-defense skills that are second to none.

Most importantly, through the mindful practice one will grow more present in all aspects of life and inevitably become a better version of him/her self. The internal aspect of Wing Chun training has all the benefits of mediation build into it and is therefore potentially life changing.

With continuous practice one will discover emergence of the 'State' which is actually quite blissful, yet very powerful when used as an engine to drive the movements.

Practical uses of this 'State' include any (sports) activity which can be now performed mindfully and effortlessly, self healing and martial applications.


My aim is to teach all aspects of Wing Chun training to all willing students - male, female and kids to  empower them  with the feeling of confidence, safety and ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Solid foundations are laid through the understanding of the stance,  concept of active relaxation, decompression of  joints, mindful movement and finding one's center of  mass to initiate the movements from. This is done mainly through the practice of Siu Nim Tao, Wing Chun's first empty hand form which is imperative to developing 'The State'. The State we are talking about here is an 'altered' state of consciousness in which our muscles remain relaxed, allowing our joints to decompress and therefore move in an unrestricted manner. In the later stages of training this 'State' becomes the engine for effortless power on demand anytime anywhere! It is worth noting that this quality is unique to the Chu Shong Tin lineage of Wing Chun. There is nothing mystical about it and can be learned by anyone willing to put in the hours.

Once the basics are grasped, we then teach Chi Sau (sticking hands), an exercise unique to Wing Chun. This develops hand sensitivity, balance and speed through the application of Siu Nim Tao in motion.

When Siu Nim Tao is practiced over a period of time and sufficient foundations have been laid (i.e. - one can now feel the emergence of the 'State'), students can progress at their own speed to learn the second form Chum Kiu. Later they continue to learn Mook Jong (wooden dummy) form and the last of the 3 empty hand forms - Biu Jee.

For those who want to explore the martial applications of Wing Chun to the full potential, once the sufficient foundations have been laid it is a good idea to introduce  controlled sparring sessions.  This is done only when the students are ready as it is easy to develop bad habits under pressure. All sparring is done in a safe, friendly manner with gloves and head gear and should be amped up slowly over time.

WCh wooden dummy

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