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Nova Therapies is a small home-based wellness studio located in Agnes Water QLD. We provide traditional therapies such as massage, myotherapy, Wing Chun Kung Fu as well as light (photobiomodulation) therapy which is considered the future of medicine.


The Latest from Nova.


Nova Therapies has RELOCATED to QLD.

Nova Therapies has relocated from Sydney NSW to Agnes Water QLD. We have re-opened our doors after almost a year and are excited to help people in Agnes Water and surrounding areas to achieve their health and wellness goals.


1 FREE Wing Chun Kung Fu TRIAL.

We offer 1 FREE Wing Chun class for all those who want to start their martial arts journey. We will ensure you will get an understanding of basics and principles behind this unique and powerful form of Kung Fu.


Improve your Strength. Endurance. Recovery. Healing. Longevity.



I'm very pleased to have been given the opportunity to try all the body light pod as an alternative treatment for my Parkinson's disease. I was diagnosed in 2015 at the age of 35, since then I have been treated using conventional medicine. I was constantly tired and in constant pain on my neck and shoulder plus another symptoms. With the Novothor Whole Body Light Pod Therapy my energy level had a massive improvement just after 3 sessions, after my fifth and sixth session my neck and shoulder's pain was gone and my stiffness has improved as well. My quality of life have a massive improvement, I highly recommend the treatment to anyone with Parkinson's disease, chronic muscle pain or energy level problems.

Adreano Cezar

We are so lucky to have people and places like this in the community that focus on the whole body as a source of health and wellbeing. I came here for some shoulder re-hab in their incredible Novothor Infra-red pod and then did some local photobiomodulation therapy for wrist injuty. If you're into martial arts and standing meditaion, manual therapy or just improving your general life performance this place is highly recommended.

Phil Dawson

I have been suffering from chronic neck, arm and shoulder inflammation for 3 years. After 5-6 sessions in the whole body pod my pain levels decreased. I also found more clarity in my everyday tasks which was a bonus! Zuzana has a very professional and caring approach towards holistic health. I would recommend NovoTHOR and photobiomodulation therapy at Nova Therapies.

Jodie Kellock

I have been seeing Zuzana for remedial massage for many many years, she is an excellent practitioner and through her studies has an extensive musculoskeletal knowedege. With the addition of Myotherapy and Photobiomodulation this place is a "one stop shop" for all my sports remediation and recovery.

Tony Gilchrist

Jan is an incredible martial artist and amazing teacher. One of the best wing Chun instructors in Australia. Whether you're wanting to learn a quick effective self defense or more interested in the health benefits and mindfulness of the internal side of wing Chun - Jan is your man!!!

Gordy Bro