About Us.

Our Studio.

Our studio is located in close proximity to Manly Vale B-line car park and bus stops. We are on the 1st level of the unit 4B/3-9 Kenneth Rd, in a shared space with Safety Roof Anchors company.

Our passion is helping people become free of various physical and/or psychological aches, pains or blockages, and guide them to live healthier and better lives. We thrive on providing our clients with a healing or empowering journey that best suits their individual needs. And for those who are healthy and active? We can make your body younger, fitter, more powerful and resilient to ageing!

Meet the Nova Team.


Zuzana Gaalova (Currently on maternity leave)

Myotherapist / PBMT Therapist / Massage Therapist

Zuzana has been working in the manual therapy industry for the past 11 years. She completed BHSc Myotherapy degree in May 2018 with excellent academic results. She is also a massage therapist, clinical orthopaedic manual therapist, and photobiomodulation (low level laser) therapist, as well as MAT (Movement Assessment Technologies) Level 1 certified practitioner.

Zuzana’s treatment approach focuses on finding the cause of an individuals’ symptoms or dysfunction, and developing an individualised treatment plans that incorporate a combination of manual therapy techniques, photobiomodulation therapy, exercises and home-care strategies to achieve the clients’ desired goals. She is passionate about continual education and annually attends CPE accredited workshops of her interest.

Zuzana is a member of Massage & Myotherapy Association (AAMT) and Australian Medical Laser Association (AMLA). She is a co-owner of Nova Therapies.


+ BHSc Myotherapy
+ Cert PBMT
+ MAT Level 1


Jan Kroupa

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor

Jan commenced his training in 1998 at the International Wing Chun Academy under Master Jim Fung who was a private student of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin. After a few years of training Jan got a full-time job at the Wing Chun Academy and taught many classes in the City headquarters as well as Bondi Beach branch.

Jan was also one of the founding members of Chi Sau Club. A social club where students trained after hours, on the weekends and later most of the time under the guidance of instructor Mark Spence.

Jan has a passion for Wing Chun and keeps up his training by daily practice, private lessons and trips to Hong Kong to further deepen his skills and understanding of Wing Chun.

Jan is also a holistic lifestyle enthusiast and a co-owner of Nova Therapies.


Gabriela Valentova

Yoga Teacher

Gaby is in a long-term love affair with yoga after attending her first yoga class in 1998. Soul searching for her life’s purpose led her to dwell into yoga more and she qualified to teach hatha through prestigious Qi yoga in Manly and Yin yoga through Mysan Sidbo Yoga. Through this thorough training she has learned about yogic philosophy, anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine, neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation to facilitate healing through the mind-body-spirit connection.
When you come to Gaby's class you can expect to feel loved, supported, nurtured and safe. Her classes are tailored to everyone, from beginners to advanced. Come and join Gaby in a quiet and safe space where you will be supported on your health journey through traditional practice to cope well with the demands of modern day life.

Gaby is a member of Yoga Australia.


+ Hatha Yoga
+ Yin Yoga
+ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation